My Story

I'm an illustrator living in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside in the UK with my lovely little family - my husband, son and dog! I'm inspired by nature and animals - I love spending time in the garden and going on walks in this beautiful county. I've started growing my own veggies for the first time, let's see how it turns out!

I have painted for as long as I can remember, it's so therapeutic! I'm always experimenting with mark making and the different textures I can achieve.

3 things you may not know about me...

- I love to play netball, either GA or WA. I'm not very competitive though, I do it for fun because I love the game! It's a great way for me to actually feel motivated to exercise as otherwise I'm quite lazy!

- I'm told by my friends that I'm old before my time... even before I had my son you wouldn't catch me out clubbing or on the dance floor, that ended a long time ago! I'd much prefer a night in watching gardeners world!

- I have ALWAYS wanted to freelance, as soon as I graduated I knew it was what I wanted to do. But instead I went and  got some experience working in-house first as I knew it would benefit me and I'd learn a lot. Which I definitely did! 

Now I've taken the plunge into being a freelancer I'm so excited for the endless possibilities of projects - I'm already loving the variety of that I am working on! I find it keeps me motivated to move onto different projects all the time. I love how fast paced it can be!

That's me! Get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!